Monday, 1 May 2017


Art: Ann Marie

There is rainbows around us. 
Sometimes not in the bright colors we think they should be in.
Sometimes not majestically strung in the skies across us. 
Sometimes not beautifully encircling overhead. 
But there is always a rainbow, or at least a hint of it. 
There is always color, or a color, around us. 
Sometimes in us. 
Cheering us on.. bidding us on. 
Urging us on. 
At times, we don’t see any color altogether. 
Other times, it is impossible to see a rainbow. 
Still, it is there. 
Quietly shining, but unmissable. 
Look.. touch.. hear.. feel.. breath.. imagine.. and you will see rainbows, all around. 
Especially for you. 
For always. 
For every single day, and moment, here.

GK, May 2017

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